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Monday, July 24, 2017

Using Social Media in a Better Way

We all use social media for many reasons and use it in a GOOD way, still is there a need to look at somethings that are significant? To me personally YES. After careful and thoughtful use of social media I found certain things that need our attention.

1. Uploading our event photos and videos on social media profile (facebook, instagram, etc.) is GOOD and sharing the links to the relevant photos saves time, energy (and of course data - for those who are on postpaid data plans 😜) is BETTER.

2. Lets make a habit NOT to forward any posts AS RECEIVED without FACT CHECK, it save a lot many things GO wrong!!??!

3. Using messaging platforms for communication only - that's what primarily they are made for.

4. Maintaining a FREE blog on Blogspot, Wordpress, Tumblr, Wix, etc. is a good habit, it does not require any technical skill. Some services offer publishing by sending an email, SO EASY!

5. Longer posts - stories, event memories, articles, etc. shall be posted on blogs and links be shared for those who wish to read; by that way we increase the audience and feed back too.

6. Exploring the power of messaging and media is really exciting and there are endless opportunities for REACHING OUT to the world.

7. Registering under TRAI Do Not Disturb is mostly BETTER to STOP SPAM.

8. Take care NOT to easily give out personal mobile number at public stores / places, in most cases it is found that they sell this information to marketing companies.

9. Almost all members of this PRESTIGIOUS group read at least something everyday, hence there is NO NEED to send thoughts, casual greetings except for special occasions, moral stories, and such other posts; still need to share, it is better to make it a blog post and share its link.

10. Very short messages, jokes and one liners and such other posts that will make someone forget everything and SMILE / LAUGH for a moment are MOST WELCOME.

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