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Portrayal of Gender in English Literature



Ideas and notions concerning gender have become some of the most important literary themes of the early 21st century. Female and male authors have enthusiastically thrown themselves into a bona fide discovery of the possibilities offered by gender. Such possibilities are in social gender and biological sex in terms of new ways of life, self-esteem, self-knowledge, and insights in a world. Gender themes are employed in investigations of ideas concerning the human condition, grieving, loss, attachments to the past, desire, and madness. *  There has been a questioning of what gender – socially and existentially – may be and become. This book shall be an attempt to explore gender and its portrayal in English literature and how does it influence the way we perceive it.

Following are some of the suggestive SUB THEMES. You may select any theme that comes within the scope the main theme.

Ø  Definitions of gender

Ø  Gender and character

Ø  Gender and society

Ø  Gender and culture

Ø  Gender and history

Ø  Gender roles

Ø  The construction of gender

Ø  Gender and identity

Ø  The history of gender

Ø  Difference between sex and gender

Ø  Gender discrimination

Ø  Gender traits: nature versus nurture

Ø  Gender and family issues

Ø  Gender dysphoria

Ø  Gender and power

Ø  Sex, gender and leadership

Ø  Approaches to gender

Ø  Gender and behaviour

Ø  Gender and communication

Ø  Gender and physical appearance

Ø  Gender: equality and inequality

Ø  Gender and politics

Ø  Gender and point of view

Ø  Gender and violence, non-violence and peace

Ø  Gendered history of literature

Ø  Gender and technology in literature

Ø  Gender and LGBT

Ø  Gendered perspectives / Gender and literary perspectives

Ø  Gender and spirituality

Ø  Gender and development

Ø  Gender and travel

Ø  Gender at workplace

Ø  Gender and social change

The article should be sent according to the following guidelines:

ü    Paper format:

  1.       Title: The title of research paper must be simple and accurate not more than 8 to 10 words.
  2.       Name(s) of Author(s) (max 2 authors allowed) (Designation and affiliation details to be included in bio note only)
  3.       Full research chapter : It should be around 2000-2500 words.
  4.       Works cited list (kindly include those titles that are cited in the paper)
  5.       Bio note in 50 words
  6.       Address for correspondence

ü    Typeset: Font-12, Times New Roman, A4 size in MS Word only.

      NOTE: Please AVOID abstract and footnotes

ü    Documentation: Please follow MLA 9th edition citation style (

ü    Declaration of originality and copyright form be submitted after chapter acceptance.

ü    The papers should be sent to:

ü    Communication of acceptance: within one week after paper submission

ü    Deadline for sending research paper: 15 Feb. 2022

ü    We follow Open Peer Review method to process the papers.

·       Review time: 2 weeks

·       Copyright declaration: 1 week

·       Fee: INR 750 + postage (up to 2500 words only)

·       Book form: ISBN Print (paperback)

·       Publisher: Magnus Publishing & Distributors

·       Publication: March 2022 (approx.)

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