AvidMentor.com was founded by Prof. Kumar Wani to help youth build capabilities through goal setting for career success. A mentoring program for career aspirants is offered absolutely FREE!
What is Mentoring?
Mentoring is an all-encompassing way to encourage personal growth. It is a process in which the mentor and mentee work together to discover and develop the mentee’s latent abilities and encourage the mentee to acquire knowledge and skills as opportunities arise. The mentor serves as a tutor, counselor, and friend, enabling the mentee to sharpen skills and increase knowledge. Career mentoring can provide some of the most sought after attributes that employers look for: industry awareness and firsthand knowledge of the challenges of life in the workforce.
What should mentees expect from Avid Mentor?
  •  Assist mentee in setting personal goals and developing a plan to achieve them
  • Sharing advice and experience relating to career planning and future options
  • Providing honest insights/feedback and constructive support
  • Facilitate self-directed learning
  • Treating the relationship as confidential and offering an impartial perspective during times of personal/professional crisis or stress
What Avid Mentor expect from mentees?
  • All mentees sign a Statement of Commitment which asks them to agree to the following:
  • Taking the lead in contacting their mentor and ensuring that communication is maintained regularly throughout
  • Responding to communications in a timely manner
  • Agreeing levels of contact and confidentiality and observing these arrangements
  • Ensuring that the focus of the mentoring is careers related
How to register for the Mentoring Program?
A Mentee has to fill in the ONLINE Application Form for registration. Your registration form goes normal screening and if accepted your will receive an email for the Avid Mentor confirming your registration for the Program. During first Face-to-Face meeting a Mentee has to sign a Statement of Commitment.
For any queries kindly contact us on 7887 800 900 or write us an email at: info@avidmentor.com
Mentoring Registration Form